How To Avoid Wasting Time - And Money - On Crappy WordPress Tutorial Videos, Articles, And Ebooks

How To Avoid Wasting Time - And Money - On Crappy WordPress Tutorial Videos, Articles, And Ebooks

The overwhelming popularity of WordPress has led to a massive growth in demand for WordPress tutorial videos, articles, ebooks, and so forth. Not surprisingly, this has, in turn, led to an explosion in the development and availability of all kinds of different WordPress tutorial videos, articles, ebooks, and more. In fact, as of this writing, a search on Google for the term WordPress tutorial returns more than 82 million results.  

As you undoubtedly know, whenever there's glut of information or products on the market there is going to be a wide range in quality.  

This is as true of WordPress tutorial videos, articles, and ebooks as it is of anything.  

And since many people use WordPress as a platform for making money online, the quality of your WordPress education can have a direct - and significant -impact on your income.  

A high-quality WordPress tutorial can have you up and running quickly and confidently - and moving closer to achieving your objectives for your WordPress site - while a low-quality (i.e., crappy) WordPress tutorial can steal a lot of your time, cause you to make a lot of potentially costly mistakes, and set you back in your journey towards success.  

In order to help you avoid making the mistake that so many others make - thinking that all WordPress tutorials are, more or less, created equal - I've put together the following questions to help you cut through the low-quality/crappy WordPress tutorials so you can get to the good stuff.  

How do you like to learn? 

This is an extremely important question because the answer to it should dictate the form of the WordPress tutorial that's best for you (video, ebook, mp3, etc).  

As you probably know, there are three dominant preferred learning styles:  

Of course, just because we have preferred learning styles doesn't mean our other senses are shut down, so a really powerful WordPress tutorial would be one that could appeal to more than one learning style.  

How current is it? 

WordPress - like the Internet in general - is constantly evolving and improving to deliver a better experience for its users. New versions of WordPress are released regularly, so it's important to know when a WordPress tutorial was created or, at the very least, when it was last updated.  

WordPress 3.2.1 - the most current stable version as of this writing - was released in July 2011, so check to make sure that any WordPress tutorial you considering was either created after July 2011 or has been updated since then.  

How comprehensive is it? 

WordPress is like any other software product on the market. There is so much that a WordPress website is capable of that there is a lot to learn.  

Make sure that any WordPress tutorial you consider has a detailed list of all of the course content and that it covers all of the key elements - some of the more important of which include:  

You might also want to give preference to any WordPress tutorials that also show you have to register a domain name, how to set up hosting, and how to "connect "your domain name to your web host so your site can go live - especially if you're a (relative) newcomer to this side of the Web.  

Is a free trial or a preview available for you to view? 

Not only will a free trial or preview enable you to get a sense for how a WordPress tutorial is taught - so you can determine whether or not it matches up with your preferred learning style - but, in the case of video or audio tutorials, you'll obviously get an opportunity to hear the tutorial instructor's voice.  

And, whether you realize it or not, an instructor's pace and tone of voice can have a huge impact on the quality of the result you'll get from the tutorial - and not just for auditory people.  

Some instructors speak too fast or have such an unpleasant tone of voice that it's an immediate deal breaker.  

So make sure you get a chance to have a preview or a free trial before deciding to spend any time or any money on a WordPress tutorial.  

Ultimately, WordPress is a great tool that makes it possible for anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to start their own website. But what you're able to do with your WordPress website - and how quickly and well - is a byproduct of how knowledgeable you are.  

A high-quality WordPress tutorial can give you the knowledge you need to succeed while a low-quality/crappy WordPress tutorial can set you back in your journey or even cause you to stop dead in your tracks.  

Please make sure you choose wisely...  


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