10 Estimations Top High Paying Keywords for Google AdSense in 2024

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Top 10 High Paying Keywords for Google AdSense in 2024 #1 Insurance

Ddwfly.com - The list of high paying keywords for 2024 that we have compiled here may not meet your expectations after implementation. It is essential to understand that the determining factor for high CPC (Cost Per Click) in AdSense is not solely based on keywords. Factors such as country location, banner size, ad type, and the number of visitors also play a significant role. Additionally, the keyword landscape can change rapidly, and some keywords might become less popular, leading to a decrease in their value.

These valuable keyword insights are sourced from wordstream.com. While the keywords presented here are in English, they can also apply to Indonesian language translations. To keep you engaged, let's dive into the list of the highest to lowest paying keywords for 2024:

1. Insurance
- This keyword commands the highest payout per click, amounting to $54.91 or approximately 800,000 Indonesian rupiahs. As of the beginning of 2024, "Insurance" stands as the top CPC AdSense keyword.

2. Gas/Electricity - Following closely after insurance, this keyword holds the second spot in terms of payout, with $54.62 per click or around 800,000 rupiahs when converted.

3. Mortgage - Securing the third position for high paying CPC in Google AdSense, "Mortgage" can be a valuable addition to your money-making blog. However, it's crucial to target readers from foreign countries, as the CPC for Indonesian language content tends to be lower.

The potential earnings from this keyword are $47.12 or approximately 700,000 rupiahs. Are you interested? Keep in mind that competition in this niche might be fierce.

4. Attorney - One click on this keyword can make your eyes light up with its payout of $47.07 or around 700,000 rupiahs. Incorporating this keyword into your posts can be rewarding.

5. Claim - This is another high paying keyword that targets international readers. With a payout of $45.51 per click, "Claim" ranks fifth in the list. Interestingly, it can be combined with the top-ranking keyword "Insurance" for even more potential earnings.

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6. Loans - "Loans" continues to be a consistent contender in the top 10 list of high paying keywords from previous years. With a CPC rate of $44.28, it remains relevant as loans are a global necessity.

7. Lawyer - Similar to "Loans," the keyword "Lawyer" consistently makes its way to the top 10 list each year with a CPC rate of $42.51. Legal services, such as those provided by lawyers, are essential in ensuring fair representation for clients.

8. Recovery - A relatively new addition to the top 10 list, "Recovery" holds the eighth position with a payout of $42.03 per click. This keyword shows promising potential for high CPC in Google AdSense.

9. Donate - Securing the ninth position for the highest CPC keyword in AdSense, "Donate" has a CPC value of $42.02. You can leverage this keyword if you intend to seek donations as operational funding for your website or blog.

10. Degree
- Rounding up the top 10 highest paying keywords for Google AdSense is "Degree" with a CPC rate of $40.61 for each click when visitors engage with the displayed AdSense ads on your blog.

Please note that this list only includes 10 keywords, and we apologize if we could not provide a more extensive list. For a more comprehensive compilation, you can visit wordstream.com


.Are you interested in incorporating these topics into your blog? Moreover, the content material for these keywords is readily available. If you are unable to write in English, consider enlisting the services of a content writer for a mutually beneficial arrangement.

From now on, start crafting and optimizing your content based on these topics. As of the time of publishing this article, the aforementioned keywords remain among the highest valued for Google AdSense CPC in 2024.

We hope that the information we have provided proves to be beneficial and enhances the knowledge of Google AdSense publishers who aspire to generate substantial earnings from High Paying Keywords in 2024.
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